Announcing New Consulting Offerings

We've actually been doing consulting for a while, and now we're formalizing it into two product areas:

  • PyGuys - Python and open source based solution consulting
  • PyCOE - Python Center of Excellence, we help you set up a process or organization inside your company to encourage adoption of Python
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Top Five Problems with Fixed Price Contracting

I've spent a number of years doing IT consulting, and I've been on both sides of fixed price bidding and contracts.
Below I put together five problems I've seen, and I describe anecdotes that really happened from the point of view of the
consulting / solution provider (I'm just hiding identifying details).
Please note that these problems are more likely to occur the larger the project is (at least \$100,000).
And before you protest: some projects don't have these problems, but most do!

Everything is Grey

No matter how detailed and specific your contract and ...

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